Monday, March 03, 2008

Our stupid discourse

(With apologies to Atrios.)

-- Jim Hagee is a Protestant Christian the way bin Laden is a Sunni Muslim: he hates Catholics, hates Muslims, and he likes Jews only in so far as he believes their deaths and damnation will bring about the rapture. But he supports the maximum use of violence against Arabs, so Joe Lieberman has no problem with him. Because, you see, this makes Hagee "pro-Israel".

-- Barack Obama has to denounce and reject the support of Louis Farrakhan on live TV (whose support he never sought), but the fact that John McCain explicitly sought out, courted, and secured Hagee's endorsement is not worth of comment.

-- CNN just ran a piece about how Muslims and Arabs are paying attention to the Democratic race, and are worried about Clinton winning because the Middle East is a region "where most countries are still run by men." Yes the Middle East is, like every other "region" on Earth, run mostly by men. I don't know why that's worth mentioning, unless we're trying to make the argument that Arabs are somehow uniquely patriarchal. And while I can understand why the US media would want to try and find some way to make it's own rampant sexism of the last few months look better in comparison, I don't think this is a winning tactic.


Babylonian said...

I have watched him a fair bit, can you provide me and example where he hates muslims or catholics (I am a catholic btw)???

I have never heard such a thing, in fact after 9/11 he chastized anyone who even thought of touching a muslim for retribution.

john said...

follow the link in the 1st graf.

Calling the Catholic church "the whore of babylon" and saying that we can't negotiate with any muslims -- explicitly trying to erase the differences between moderate and extremist muslims -- isn't very subtle.

Babylonian said...

How does that make him "hate" catholics or muslims. I think we should be carefull with our definitions. Perhaps "anti-catholic/muslim" would be more fitting.