Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Look, actual journalism!

The Wall Street frickin' Journal publishes an article about increasing resource constraints in an overpopulated world, specifically cites The Limits to Growth without inventing or repeating a slanderous anecdote about it, and even says (gasp!) that this is something that the market cannot solve left to it's own devices.

I may faint.

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Noumenon said...

The Wall Street Journal front page and editorial page contradict each other directly once in a while -- as in, the editorial page publishes a "CAFE standards kill" article arguing for heavy SUVs, then the front page publishes a "Honda proves small cars equally safe" article, then the editorial page writes back almost naming names, something like "Some newspapers are pushing the story line that smaller cars can be safer with the right technology. But why not put that technology on SUVs?"

WSJ front page = facts = liberal media. WSJ editorial page = powerless and filled with rage.