Friday, March 28, 2008

In to the mists of time

Hey, remember that crazy black dude screaming "God damn America" or somesuch?

Yeah, me neither.
PRINCETON, NJ -- Today's Gallup Poll Daily tracking update finds Barack Obama with an eight percentage point advantage over Hillary Clinton (50% to 42%), this gives him a statistically significant advantage for the first time since before the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy.
With the news today that Bob Casey is endorsing Obama, Pennsylvania could potentially get much closer than Clinton needs it to be: remember, Obama doesn't need to win Pennsylvania, he just needs to lose by a narrow enough margin. In this case, anything better than 45% is good enough to deny Clinton the delegates she needs to... still lose by more than a hundred delegates.

Of course, this primary season has also shown how limited endorsements are.

I can't believe the primary isn't until the 22nd.

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