Sunday, January 27, 2008


I loved this movie so much it's really unseemly. Vicki enjoyed it, but thinks I'm overdoing it a bit by building a shrine to Ellen Page in our apartment.

So I'm cheering for Ellen Page and this movie at the Oscars. But as good as the movie is, the soundtrack is also excellent. One particular discovery is Kimya Dawson, whose Myspace page is here (with links to her songs.)

[Sidenote: I also love the 21st century to an unseemly degree.]

In particular, I can't recommend the song "Loose Lips" enough. Listen to it, it's on her Myspace page. Listen to it now. Oh fuck, here's a youtube clip -- now you have no excuses, just click the button dammit. I'd suggest ignoring the video and pay attention to the lyrics.

But back to the movie. It's not perfect. It fumbles a transition, I think, late in the film from "funny-hipster-teen-comedy" to "romantic-hipster-comedy". But this is such an inconsequential error that I hesitate to even mention it.

Oh, and for those of us who miss our fix of CJ Cregg, Allison Janney is fantastic as Juno's step-mom.

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