Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I'm gay for Eric Flint

Okay, I've never read his books -- and they don't really seem like my cup of tea, really -- but his columns on the madness of DRMs, and why Baen Books publish "unprotected" ebooks in the first place, is perfect and makes me want to bear his lovechild.
Jim Baen and I do not want books with little chips in them that the authorities can track. We do not want computers or computer equipment to have to be registered. We do not want legal spyware placed in all computers and scanners so that the authorities can make sure they are being used "legitimately"—with penalties attached if anyone attempts to remove the spyware.

Is this really difficult to comprehend?

DRM is madness, politically speaking, and that's why Jim and I are flat against it. Period. You start with principles, and then figure out a way to make money. Not the other way around.

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Gar Lipow said...

From things you have said, you might enjoy "Mother of Demons" which is really different from the rest of Flint's worth.

It is about people and societies. Most of the people happen to be giant snails, but that does not makes as much difference as you might think.