Tuesday, December 25, 2007

No, it really happened

The girlfriend didn't believe me when I started talking about the Christmas Truce a few minutes ago. There's something about the mind that rebels at the idea of basic humanity in a time of war, I suppose.

I mention this only because a) I always think about the Christmas truce at this time of year, and b) it gives me a chance to link to an old classic of mine.


Dave said...

There's a movie about it too.

Joyeux Noel actually does a fairly decent job of telling a part of that story. (It's overdone in a couple of areas, but still worth the watch.)

Noumenon said...

Maybe because of the book On Killing or this one that I haven't read yet, it's not all that surprising to me. But it gets framed as a happy Christmas story instead of an antiwar statement!