Saturday, December 15, 2007

Feeling proud yet?

We just got told. By Papua New Guinea.
BALI, Indonesia (CNN) -- In a dramatic reversal Saturday, the United States rejected and then accepted a compromise to set the stage for intense negotiations in the next two years aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions worldwide...

..a delegate from the developing country of Papua New Guinea challenged the United States to "either lead, follow or get out of the way."

Five minutes later, when it appeared the conference was on the brink of collapse, Dobriansky took the floor again to say the United States was willing to accept the arrangement. Applause erupted in the hall and a relative level of success for the conference appeared certain.
Of course, "we" in this case refers to both the United States and Canada, where our Prime Minister has been doing his best to earn Bush brownie points by making Canada some king of remora to the shark that is the Bush administration.

You've got to wonder what the thought process is, when one conservative, Bush-friendly administration just got handed its head on exactly this issue. A wiser politician might take notice, and recalibrate. Our Prime Minister says to himself, "Hm, this is my opportunity!"

I'm not feeling particularly proud of my government at the moment.


NonyNony said...

"lead, follow or get out of the way."

It's really sad that I'd be ecstatic if the US would actually just "get out of the way" - at least for the next year and a half.

Mike said...

Its not your government John, its Encana's. And Imperial Oil's. And Suncor's and Syncrude's.

But not yours.

Kinda makes a whole lot more sense now, what they are doing eh?