Monday, November 05, 2007

Some days I love my country so damn much

via Scott Tribe:
OTTAWA–The Conservative government found that just one in five Canadians supported the death penalty as a criminal deterrent in a survey it commissioned this summer in support of its justice policies.

Support for the death penalty was highest in Alberta, where almost one-third supported the idea of capital punishment, and lowest in Newfoundland with 17 per cent support. In Ontario, 21 per cent thought some convicted prisoners should be put to death, according to the poll of 4,005 people.
Two out of three Albertans oppose state-sanctioned murder? I take it all back, Alberta. You're not the Texas of Canada, and never were.


Mike said...

Funny that the government knew of this study long before their silliness this week. Yet they announced a controversial new policy.

Think the heat is going to come down from the In and Out or the latest report from Shelia Fraser?

eugene plawiuk said...

Why thank you some of us are Alberta Reds and it aint just our necks.

Jer said...

Sigh. It would be nice to have citizens who actually BELIEVE that the state doesn't own you instead of just mouthing the words. Here in the US we talk a good game about liberty, but at the end of the day we'd never see numbers on state-sanctioned murder like that.