Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This poll confuses the hell out of me:
Support for the Senate's abolishment varied from province to province:

* Quebec showed strongest support at 63 per cent
* Ontarians were least supportive at 36 per cent
* Most BC residents, 44 per cent, support the idea
* Prairie residents are evenly divided -- 39 per cent support the idea while 42 per cent oppose it...

Justin Trudeau, who officially entered politics as a Liberal candidate this year, is the most popular choice to replace current Leader Stephane Dion.

Trudeau received 40 per cent of national support, followed by Michael Ignatieff (25 per cent) and Bob Rae (23 per cent). Former leadership contender Gerard Kennedy trailed far behind at 11 per cent.

The poll concludes that among Liberal voters, however, support for Trudeau waned to 35 per cent, though he was still the most popular choice.
Justin Trudeau? Huh? Where does this guy's constituency come from?

The Senate numbers are confusing in their own way, too. I think somewhere in my brain, I kind of "knew" for some reason that the Senate was valued by Quebeckers for some reason. Guess I was wrong again.

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Chet Scoville said...

As far as Trudeau goes, it's just name recognition -- that and the fact that all the other Liberal leadership potentials are pretty pathetic. The Quebec thing's not that surprising to me, I guess, just because the Senate is kind of like the House of Lords, which is British, etc.