Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Okay, he's a douchebag too

Equal time: Jim Flaherty said this today:

"We're not in the pothole business in the Government of Canada," he added.
And I agree with him. Except, he also said this:
"One of the realities is in the areas of high growth, like the (Greater Toronto Area), some of the municipalities did not keep up with their infrastructure needs and did not establish adequate reserve funds and that's their jobs as a government,"
This would be ridiculous coming from anyone. The cities "did not keep up" with infrastructure because they couldn't while provinces offloaded service on to them.

Coming from Jim Flaherty, who was a finance minister under Mike Harris, this is just plain offensive. Flaherty was an accomplice to the hobbling of Ontario's municipalities.

In a just society, it wouldn't be allowed for you to break a person's knees, and then mock them for not walking straight.

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