Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No time, I've got to go soil myself in fear

Anybody heard any good news on the climate front lately?

Jonathan at Past Peak points out that 1) oceans seem to be sucking in less CO2 than they have previously (based on Realclimate post here) and 2) the increasingly-dry forests in the Northern Hemisphere may now, on balance, be net emitters of CO2, not "sinks" as they have been before. Basically, trees have this irritating tendency to catch fire as they dry out. Drier weather = more fires. More fires = CO2 emissions.

Positive feedback, she be a bitch.

This really deserves to be more than a side note on a blog, but I'm increasingly despairing of the possibility to actually meaningfully avert catastrophe when it comes to climate change. That train's already left the station, I fear.

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