Monday, November 19, 2007

Done and done-er

Guh. I'd pretty much abandoned Obama after his dalliance with raving gay-haters. And I've always been more of an Edwards fan. But this is really silly -- Obama quoting Jeff Gerth, the guy who invented the Whitewater "scandal"?

Paul Krugman asks, "Is it really possible that Obama and his advisers are this out of touch?" I'd add, what happened to that whole "audacity of hope" thing, Sen. Obama? Where does that fit in with the whole "dredging up a decade-old non-problem to slime a Democrat for the GOP?"

Now, I still have a number of concerns about Sen. Clinton. For one, I think the LBJ analogy is too close for comfort. America can't afford another progressive President who's too afraid of the right to break with America's fundamental foreign policy failures.

On that note, read this from the Atlantic: "How could Vietnam Happen?", circa 1968.

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