Thursday, October 25, 2007

No siree

via Greg: Nope, there's definitely not a lick of racism among Quebec's separatists anymore. Absolutely none. Ancient history.
TROIS-RIVIÈRES, QUE. — The stoning of women could happen in Quebec unless cautionary steps are taken, a proponent of the controversial Hérouxville code of conduct said yesterday, urging people to stop accommodating religious minorities.

"If we do nothing, my dear sir, in a few years we might have some here," Hérouxville town Councillor André Drouin told Gérard Bouchard, the co-chair of a public inquiry into religious accommodations.
While it's certainly possible the journalist is doing a bad job, as written the quote seems to indicate the purpose of the law, according to Mr. Drouin, is explicitly to keep minorities out of town. The alternative is that he thinks, absent his law, there'll be women stoned in Canada, which is insane. And, if he doesn't get the law he wants to exclude minorities?
Either the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms should be amended to make it impossible to seek religious accommodations, or the province should separate, he said.
Yeah, it always comes back to that, doesn't it.

"This steak is well done, not medium rare! Separate!"

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