Friday, October 26, 2007

Did Israel score an own goal?

This is somewhat amusing: according to Russian media, Iran is buying 24 Chinese J-10 fighters. The J-10, it's long been alleged, was developed with Israeli assistance. The J-10 is, according to Wikipedia, roughly comparable with an F-16, so it's not the bleeding-edge state of the art, but it's awfully good all the same. It's also compared with the Mig-29 which Iran owns dozens of, but has a shorter range. So now Iran may be getting an advanced fighter-bomber with sufficient range (if refueled in flight) to hit Israel. Fighters that were originally developed with Israeli help.

(There's a bit of history to this Israel-China-Middle East triangle.)

Maybe, just maybe, the military-industrial complex needs to be re-thought before things get much worse.

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