Monday, September 10, 2007

We don't need no steenkin' WEP password...

So, I'm currently blogging from the space outside the main library at the academic institution that I'm now attending. Spent one hour in line getting my student card, and then went to the library to get my wireless network set up.

Me: So, how do I get on the wireless network?
Librarian: Well, you log on to your student account to get the password.
Me: And, uh, how do I log on without wireless access? None of these computers is free, right?
Librarian: Uh, yeah. Screw that, here's the password.

So thank you, whoever you are, you security-foiling but eminently rational librarian.

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Closet Liberal said...

You've just hi-lighted why we do not use Wireless networking on our Corporate network. There is no such thing as an easy to use and secure wireless network. Its a technical oxy-moron.