Monday, September 24, 2007

Dear CBC

Please make your website suck less.

PS, you smell.

...okay, let me clear that up. The National tonight leads the news with a report that Ottawa is planning to bug the Northwest Passage. Essentially, it sounds like we're borrowing the SOSUS idea -- the hydrophones that the US buried in the North Atlantic to track Soviet submarines.

So, a really interesting story, and sufficient reason for me to write one of my rare "Stephen Harper does something I think might not suck" posts.

Except, because this is the CBC we're talking about, as of 10:10PM tonight, I can't find a single mention of this lead story on their website. So no link, meaning I'll have to wait until tomorrow and hope that somebody at the CBC discovers this Internet thingy the kids are all talking about.


Shani said...

Well, for tomorrow:

Shani said...

Frack, sorry. Two minutes to midnight, it got there.

Anonymous said...

You are obviously one of those Ontario assholes who thinks the world revolves around you.

It was on the website BEFORE The National even went on the air, here in Vancouver. Remember us? The city that won the Olympics on its first attempt? What is it, two strikeouts on that front now for Toronto?

Like, who cares what Toronto thinks any more? The city can't even pay its bills.


adam said...

Note to self:
-Get up
-Feed cat
-Pee in Vancouver's cornflakes
-Make tea
-Check news

Mike said...

Perk -

Grow up and get off your cross. There are no timezones on the internet. The story should have gone on the website regardless of when it ever actually "aired". CBC doesn't get it and neither do you.

John is, therefore, correct. People in Toronto should have been able to see this as soon as it was aired in Newfoundland, 1.5 hours before the national ran in Ontario.

I would say people should be able to see it as soon as it is ready to publish, whether ig goes on the air or not.

So why don't you stop being such a pompous idiot?

Chet Scoville said...


Get over yourself. The only people who think the world revolves around Ontario are those who are not from Ontario.