Thursday, September 20, 2007

Change the channel, it's a political debate!

I haven't really posted a lot about the provincial election, but they had the debate tonight.

Funniest moment of the debate, by far: "Premier McGuinty, the next question is for you, and it's about broken promises."

Watching the post-debate press conference with Howard Hampton. He just said, in a very heterosexual way: "I disagree with John Tory, but he's not a scary guy. He's not an ugly guy either."

In my riding, I've got this weird situation of the NDP candidate being a shoe-in. While this pleases me politically, it's also got me thinking about voting for a party other than my usual party. Partly because I think it's silly the Green Party is excluded from the debate, I'm half-seriously thinking about voting for my local Green candidate.

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Raphael Alexander said...

Picking the best candidate can sometimes be better than picking the best party. Too often good candidates are unelected because they are just a name on a ballot.