Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Some various pieces of good news

--Algeria, with enough solar potential to power the world 4 times over, is working on tapping that resource as oil and gas run low.

--Cheap(er) electric cars! From China! And also from Norway! If I were Tesla, I'd feel nervous about my $100,000 sports cars... There's actually an interesting subsidiary point here: Norwegian and Chinese manufacturers are both aiming for an electric car of roughly the same price range. Clearly, China's low-wage manufacturing isn't determinative in where a company starts building. Put it another way: If Canadian governments were serious about the environment, we could certainly lure one of those companies here, and incidentally help Canada's manufacturing sector.

--But we don't have a serious environmental policy, or if we did we would already have built a national electrical grid by now. It's absurd that this might be torpedoed by Charest -- but I'm told he's the most federalist premier in a generation, right?

--Universal Music slowly walks away from DRM technologies. They join EMI in having embraced rational thought only after all else failed them.

--Oh yeah, and some guy named Karl quit his job.

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