Friday, August 03, 2007

Mitt Romney sez: US should be more like Hizbullah!

No, seriously. He said it. Video here, too.

The crazy thing is how non-crazy his actual argument is. (Basically, if poor people need health care in the muslim world, they get it from Hizbullah and Hamas, when the US could provide it better and win friends in the process.) But if Barack Obama had said it, can anyone imagine it not being played on Fox News for 72 hours straight?

Bizarre. Here we've got one of the front-runners for the Presidential nomination, saying something eminently rational, and the right-wingers are already calling for his head on a stick.

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Chester N. Scoville said...

Oy. Now if he'd only phrased it something like, "The United States can and should out-compete groups like Hezbollah in winning the hearts and minds of the Arab Street", and maybe toss in a few other comforting buzzwords and cliches as well, I bet the message would have gone down just fine.