Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Legacy

via Suburban Guerilla, this little anecdote is a good illustration about why I still don't trust the Clintons -- Hillary or Bill:
Saperstein mentioned that John Edwards had already apologized about voting to authorize the Iraq war. "Why shouldn't every Democrat who voted for the war -- including presumably Hillary Clinton -- do the same thing? How were Democrats supposed to have any credibility if they wouldn't admit when they had been so calamitously wrong."

Clinton quickly went ballistic: "He leaned forward belligerently and pointed a finger at Saperstein. 'You're wrong,' he said. 'Everything you just said is totally wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.'" He went on to explain away Hillary's vote on the war and tell Saperstein he wasn't productive. "Only in this party do we eat our own. You can go on misrepresenting and bashing our own people, but I am sick and tired of it."

Clinton later apologized and realized he had made an error, but it was too late for many of the people in Austin.
I wouldn't normally judge a woman by her husband's words, except that in this case Bill is clearly speaking on behalf of his wife. And it's all garbage -- neither of the Clintons has any scruple beyond getting other Clintons elected, and neither of them has had the sense to advocate a sensible policy in Iraq. On the contrary, Bill is too wrapped up in the memory of his office and the comity of tradition (plus, he's buds with Dubya's daddy) while Hillary, I think, sincerely thinks the war was the right thing to do. (Else, why not apologize?) I was sick of Bill by 2000, and I really, really hope Hillary doesn't win in 2008.

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