Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On the current constitutional crisis

So here's the state of play: You've got one branch of government, nominally charged with enforcing and executing the laws of the land, committed explicitly to ignoring, abrogating, and violating those same laws.

Then you've got one branch of government, nominally charged only with making the laws, and overseeing the executive, which now has to think of ways to enforce the law in the absence of faithful execution (and breach of their oath of office) from the White House.

Then you've got the Supreme Court, appointed largely by men sympathetic to the aims of the lawless men squatting in the Oval Office. At least 4 of the 9 can be expected to support Bush's lawlessness -- two because they owe their jobs to him, two because they're just awful men.

We are approaching the point where the Sergeant-at-Arms for the US Congress is going to be asked to compel White House witnesses to testify before Congress, and he may very well be stopped at the White House door by agents of the US Parks Service, or even the Secret Service.

You know, just because you don't call it a crisis, doesn't mean it isn't one.

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