Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Think this through, people

via Digby, it seems that Dinesh D'souza has a "gaffe", in that he accidentally told the truth: he hates Americans.
D'Souza summarizes the prevailing sentiment by unveiling what he modestly calls "D'Souza's law of immigration": An immigrant's quality is "proportional to the distance traveled to get to the United States." In other words: Asians trump Latinos.
Uh, so Asians trump Mexicans. But Mexicans are further from America than.... Americans, right? So by D'souza's logic, aren't Americans the worst possible people?

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adam said...

Maybe it means that Americans, who are in a large part European immigrants, are actually halfway decent. Not as good as Asians, but better than those Mexicans. And everybody's better than those injuns.