Monday, May 28, 2007

What Atrios said

We can dream of bringing in the international community, but they will largely have no interest in contributing funds as long as the money pit of US contractors is still there. Who would be stupid enough to throw more cash into that giant black hole?

The fact is that right now the choice is, as it has always been, between Bush's war and getting out. There's no Peter Beinart's war, there's no Tom Friedman's war, there's no Adele Stan's war. There is no good liberal way out of this mess.
Exactly. Just as no sane person had any business expecting a good-faith effort to fight and win a war in Iraq from the Bush Administration, nobody has any business expecting a good-faith effort to salvage this wreck from the same monsters who wrecked it.

It's done. We're done. You can't fix it, you can't even make it less worse. Time to go.


All Blog Spots said...

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Flinger said...

Thats the choice right now, the choice available to this congress and those that the congress would recognize as its constituency. The choices available to a Democratic President would all be bad, but they would not necessarily be between an immediate complete withdrawal without any plans or commitment to return and whatever the fuck it is Bush thinks he's doing.