Thursday, May 03, 2007

Stupid Canadian tricks

This whole thing about Shane Doan (apparently a hockey player) maybe having said something offensive a year and a half ago and now being called out by MPs in Ottawa for it is so befuddling to me.

Last I checked, we actually do have several matters of national importance on our plate -- Afghanistan, climate change, oh and the small matter of whether the government will survive until July or not.

But, because a hockey player is alleged to have said something -- something, mind you, that nobody can prove he actually said -- we're wasting our time on this? As if in the history of sports this is the only occasion where an athlete might have said something hurtful about the other team's players?

The fact that the Bloc is riding this is unsurprising. The fact that Dion and Layton joined in is depressing. And the fact that Stephen Harper is going to come out of this looking good is simply maddening -- an issue that shouldn't have even been brought up, is now going to give Harper a bump in the polls.

Nobody in Ottawa seems to actually know how this game is played, do they?


Mike said...

And now they apparently want to add Bigfoot (or Sasquatch as he is known in his home town in BC) to the endangered species list....

Are you sure you don't wnat to join me on the anarchist-libertarian side of things?


john said...

That depends on how many bomb-throwing vouchers I'd receive from the Central Anarchist Organizing Committee.


Oh god, I'm just the worst anarchist ever.