Friday, May 18, 2007

New study finds grass green, sky blue

Here. My favourite part:
While alcohol was not measured in the study, researchers said it is an important factor because it is a defining characteristic of a bar.

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Anonymous said...

Actually maybe not quite "grass green/ sky blue". It is not surprising that so many had been approached. But:

>The women said grinding behaviours and buttock-touching were the most common ways that men approached them.

>The 'grinding from behind' tactic was reported by 83.9 per cent of the women surveyed, and 'grinding pelvis-to-pelvis' was reported by 68.3 per cent.

>Buttock-touching ranked second with 82.5 per cent, breast/chest touching was reported by 37.8 per cent of the women and genital touching 25.9 per cent.

This may have something to do with age, but when I was young and went to meat markets, I seem to remember that you started by *talking* to a woman. Usually there would be an indication in conversation and body language that touching was welcome. I have trouble with the idea that you come up behind a strange woman and start dry humping her. I note that so do most of the women this happens to. (I'm actually surprised that around 30% of women think this appropriate behavior.)