Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Al Gore (and Tipper?) make me laugh

Time Magazine has a really good profile of Al Gore -- "The Last Temptation of Gore", as in tempted to run for President! -- but the article makes it clear that Gore really isn't raring to go. But this picture of Al's home office made me drool a bit:

I count three monitors and a TV, and that's not counting the screens that weren't in the camera's line of sight. How much screen real-estate can a man use, really?

Two funny excerpts:
Since Gore is sometimes accused of profiting from the climate crisis, it's worth noting that he donates all his profits from the Inconvenient Truth movie and book to the alliance. He can afford to: he's a senior adviser at Google and sits on the board of directors at Apple. He's also a co-founder of Current TV, the cable network that was an early champion of user-generated content, and chairman of Generation Investment Management, a sustainable investment fund with assets approaching $1 billion. "I'm working harder than I ever have in my life," he says. "The other day a friend said, 'Why don't you just take a break, Al, and run for President?'"
And this:
It has been five years since Tipper first urged her husband to dust off his slide show. The couple was still climbing from the wreckage of 2000, and she was convinced that his survival depended on reconnecting with his core beliefs. He assembled the earliest slide show in 1989, while writing Earth in the Balance—carrying an easel to a dinner party at David Brinkley's house, standing on a chair to show CO2 emissions heading off the charts. She wanted him to find that passion again. They were living in Virginia, and the Kodak slides were gathering dust in the basement. So he pulled them out, arranged them in the carousel and gave his first show with the images mostly backward and upside down. Tipper said, "Hey, Mr. Information Superhighway, they have computers now. Maybe you should use one."
And the rest, I suppose, is history.

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Anonymous said...

I like Al, I really do ... but if those are Apple widescreen monitors, I worry about what they draw.

Al, get yourself a Kill-A-Watt and put it to use!

- odograph