Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Um, there's this thing called "civilian control"

So.... John McCain is on the teevee, saying to Jon Stewart that the vast majority of US soldiers he speaks to believe in the cause that is the Iraq War. The implication, it seems, is that we can't abandon the soldiers who've committed their lives to a cause they still believe in.

There are so many problems with this logic, but I'd like to point out two first -- assuming charitably that McCain isn't simply full of shit:

1) He's a frikkin US Senator, and a prominent Republican hawk at that. Is it possible, just maybe, that an active-duty serviceman or -woman might be shaping their answers to what they think the audience wants to hear? Maybe?

2) How many people go to work everyday committed to failure? Of course soldiers want to see Iraq work out -- they've been stop-lossed in to this war for years, and have to wake up every day with this crap.

Now, those two things aside, there's the title issue -- democratic governments command the army, not the other way around. If, defying all facts and logic (which is what we've been reduced to in Iraq) the soldiers want to keep America committed to a losing war, then the military is no longer a national security asset, they're a liability.

Fortunately for America, and shamefully for McCain, I don't think the military is actually that close-minded.

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