Thursday, April 19, 2007

Things I like

  • This cartoon just makes me laugh.
  • Nazi Robot Attack. Why not?
  • Bradford Plumer asks why so many Democrats voted for the odious abortion law that has just been ratified by the Supreme Court. Did they vote for it only because they thought it would be overturned?
  • A debate on Ontario's MPP suggestion. (Click on "Referendum on Democracy".) Someday, someone somewhere will have to explain to me why the "left" Toronto Star is so opposed to PR. Do they really not understand how much better life would have been if we'd only had two Harris minority governments? Talk about obtuse.
  • In another time and place, I would probably have devoted a whole blog post to the laughable claim that complying with Kyoto would destroy the Canadian economy. Sadly for all 6 of you who wanted to read that post, I don't think these Conservatives are even worth the effort. Let me say this for the Liberals: They did manage to keep the Conservatives out of power long enough that now, when they've finally got their mitts on the steering wheel, all their talking points are obsolete. Haw.

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