Friday, March 09, 2007

Yay for the EU. Can we join yet?

I once again renew my calls for Canada to join the EU.
Leaders of the European Union have reached a historic agreement to reduce greenhouse gases and transition to renewable sources of energy in the ongoing fight against climate change.

The ambitious plan will see EU nations commit to a binding agreement to achieve a 20 per cent share of renewable power from sources such as wind energy and solar power.
Good news, all in all. But this little tidbit weirds me out.
It also met a requirement set out by the Czech and Slovak members, with a phrase that states nuclear energy meets the growing global concerns about safety of supply.....

Some of the poorer EU nations, including Slovakia and Poland, raised concern about the details of the plan, claiming they could not afford to invest in expensive alternative energy sources such as wind.
So on the one hand, you've got eastern countries pushing nuclear as a CO2-light alternative, but they're also saying they can't afford wind.

One problem: Wind is cheaper than nuclear. Wind is nipping at coal's heels, for chrissakes. Has been for years now. So it's a mystery why Slovakia would be pushing nuclear while avoiding wind. What we have here is the usual failure of imagination when it comes to renewables.