Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A raise for me, an I didna do nuthin

...this makes me smile:
The Ontario government will increase the minimum wage to $10.25 an hour by 2010, the Toronto Star reported Wednesday.

The newspaper reported that the increase will be unveiled in the provincial budget on Thursday, after weeks of campaigning on the government from the New Democrats and poverty activists.

They had been lobbying for an immediate hike to $10 an hour from the present $8 an hour.

Instead, the wage will be bumped up over the next three years, sources told the Star.
Not only is this overdue, but it's especially amusing given that when it was just the NDP pushing for it, the Liberal bloggers screamed about how ignorant the NDP was and how this would crush small business.


Closet Liberal said...

And once there they need to index it to inflation so that at 2020 we aren't going through this discussion again. Left static at $10.25 it will eventually get eaten away and it won't be enough again. That's what I find to be the infuriating aspect of this argument.

Ashley Johnston said...

I think poverty is a BIG problem but I hate that there is no creativity going into it. Minimum wage is a very old idea...

Minimum Wage