Tuesday, March 20, 2007

God is a bastard...

...if Rick Warren's opinion on God is any indication:
Rick Warren, the influential evangelical preacher and author of the Christian best seller The Purpose-Driven Life, is encouraging his followers to support projects in Rwanda; he has embraced Kagame (who does not attend church regularly) as a "wonderful Christian leader" and asserted that Kagame's energy is proof that "God is blessing Rwanda."
Up next: God "blesses" me by kicking me hard in the nuts.

Seriously. "Rwanda." "Blessed." These words should not be used together in the same sentence. "Recovering", maybe. "Not the hellscape it once was", fine.

"Blessed", no.

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Erik Abbink said...

I'm surprised to see you got away with your title at ProgBlog.

Big Brother is watching you.