Thursday, February 22, 2007

Um, math much?

This sounds a lot more ominous than it really is:
The White House is still holding out hope that it will have a chance to name a third justice to the Supreme Court and cement its conservative tilt for generations to come. "We need one more on the Supreme Court," says a Bushie who was instrumental in getting Chief Justice John G. Roberts and Associate Justice Samuel Alito aboard.
Well, one of the oldest members of the USSC is... arch-conservative Antonin Scalia. Short of a death, none of the liberal justices is going to leave before 2009 -- unless they're insane -- so the worst case scenario is that Bush nominates someone to replace Scalia, which might make things different but would be hard to make things worse.

Now, the actually ominous fact is that between Alito and Roberts, Bush has already managed to put two truly awful justices on the bench. Worse still, had a Democrat been in office we could have had someone decent replace the abominable Rehnquist. Oh well. Roll on to 2009.

Did anyone else realize that only 2 of the 9 Justices have been named by Democrats?

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