Thursday, February 08, 2007

Judge to teen: You should have had more gay sex.

Xiao Pangzi treats the judge in this case about as seriously as they deserve, but surely it strikes everyone else as a bit bizarre that a young man risks deportation (and death) because, as a 16 year old gay boy in Texas of all places, he wasn't chasing boys all night and day?
IRB adjudicator Deborah Lamont, who heard the case from Calgary via videoconference, questioned his lack of same-sex relationships while he lived in the U.S.

"I found the claimant's many explanations unsatisfactory for why he chose not to pursue same-sex relationships in the U.S. as he alleged it was his intention to do so and he wanted to do so," she wrote in her decision.

Instead, she concluded: "...he is not a homosexual... and fabricated the sexual orientation component to support a non-existent claim for protection in Canada."
Um, I never feared I'd be beaten to death for my sexuality, and still I didn't find a girl willing to spend time with me until I was 17. This isn't just homophobic -- though it is that -- it's anti-male, period. Unless of course you believe that all men sex-addled beasts.

One wonders if Deb Lamont believes anyone is really gay, or just "confused", like Ted Haggard.

This makes me want to scream.
Orozco travelled to Toronto in 2005 after learning that Canada respects gay rights.
Who told him that, I wonder?

So here's a question -- will the Honorable Minister of Immigration allow a now-21 year old gay man to stay in Canada, or will the Conservative government give in to it's worst instincts regarding gays and lesbians?

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