Friday, February 09, 2007

Continued food blogging

After the NYT Michael Pollan piece, maybe I should avoid food as a topic for a while. But Tony Bourdain (he of Kitchen Confidential) has a funny bit here. He gets downright mean about Rachael Ray:
Complain all you want. It’s like railing against the pounding surf. She only grows stronger and more powerful. Her ear-shattering tones louder and louder. We KNOW she can’t cook. She shrewdly tells us so. So...what is she selling us? Really? She’s selling us satisfaction, the smug reassurance that mediocrity is quite enough. She’s a friendly, familiar face who appears regularly on our screens to tell us that “Even your dumb, lazy ass can cook this!” Wallowing in your own crapulence on your Cheeto-littered couch you watch her and think, “Hell…I could do that. I ain’t gonna…but I could--if I wanted! Now where’s my damn jug a Diet Pepsi?”

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Battlepanda said...

Um, Burdain is an ass. He doesn't have to like Ray's personality by the fact is probably more people cook and enjoy food from 30 minute meals than from any other on the food network. If he thinks Americans that watch TV shows about food (i.e. his audience) are too lazy to get off their fat, cheeto-fattened ass to cook Rachel Ray, does he think that they're going to cook Mario Batelli?

Rachel does alot more to improve the food eaten in the country than he does with his exotica travelog food-porn show which pretty much goes to exotic locations to gross people out about what weird stuff folks in other countries eat. Although Rachel Ray piles on the "Hi, I'm the sunny girl next door" schtick rather thick, her recipes actually work. No, you can't cook them in 30 minutes. They're usually more like 45 minute minus cleanup meals. But her recipes are still a lot more realistic, approachable and tasty in an everyday way than just about anybody elses on TV. Most other shows are really closer to what Bourdain is talking about (aspirational TV), the kind of shows where they have all the ingredients already doled out into teeny tiny little glass dishes. Ray actually takes her ingredients out of the refrige and cupboards, chops her veggies and opens her cans right there on the show. You get the feeling that she has done cooking without sous chefs before.

I just realize that this is the second food-related rant I posted in your blog on a row. Hee.