Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bad moon rising

Robert Parry says the war plans against Iran are well-advanced. This part is particularly disturbing:
Another source with a pipeline into Israeli thinking said the Iran war plan has expanded over the past several weeks. Earlier thinking had been that Israeli warplanes would hit Iranian nuclear targets with U.S. forces in reserve in case of Iranian retaliation, but now the strategy anticipates a major U.S. military follow-up to an Israeli attack, the source said.
This is insane. As bad as a US attack on Iran would be, a US attack on Iran following an Israeli attack would be insane. Talk about a guaranteed way to light the whole Middle East on fire...

It's worth recalling, once again, that every time the Iranians have offered to negotiate with the US, they've been rebuffed. If the US attacks Iran, it will be aggressive war, nothing more or less.

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Eric the Political Hack said...

I think there are many reasons for hoping that the US gets out of Iraq very soon. Within the last month, one of my top reasons has become to avoid a war with Iran, which could in turn erupt into a regional war. The very fact that that has even become a concern to me truly shows how completely fucking insane the Bush administration is. I guess now we can only hope that the Democrats have backbone and last election wasn't in vain.