Friday, February 16, 2007

Apparently, it's bitch and moan about snow day

Ezra writes [in jest]:
the ground looks light and fluffy but is actually diamond-hard and dangerously slick, and I'm cold. If something doesn't change, I'm totally withdrawing my support for DC's new mayor Adrian Fenty. I want protection, dammit!
With the recent dump we got in Ontario (and Toronto was hardly the worst hit) I spent two hours on Wednesday shovelling snow. The problem is that space is kind of a problem, and the only places I could put the snow that wouldn't obstruct parking and/or sidewalks were by the windows to our basement apartment. So now I've got two windows that are totally obscured, and one that's partially so.

And yes, I know, Toronto is fortunate not to get as much snow as most of Canada -- believe me, nobody in Ottawa would let me forget it -- but I'm not going to begrudge Ezra his whining (in DC) and so I'd ask my fellow Canadian not to begrudge me mine.

But if Brad Delong whines about the "cold" in Berkeley, California, one more time, I vote we get a posse together and introduce him to the point at which Fahrenheit and Celsius are one. Shouldn't be too hard.

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