Tuesday, February 13, 2007

AACS well and truly dead

So it looks like the DRM scheme used to "protect" HD-DVDs and Blu-Ray discs has been drawn and quartered. Cory Doctorow:
Arnezami, a hacker on the Doom9 forum, has published a crack for extracting the "processing key" from a high-def DVD player. This key can be used to gain access to every single Blu-Ray and HD-DVD disc....

AACS took years to develop, and it has been broken in weeks. The developers spent billions, the hackers spent pennies.
This is one of the "strongest", "best" systems business has been able to devise, and it's now effectively useless. Anyone who's even half-motivated to break the DRM on these disks won't have any trouble doing exactly that. Every disc made so far with this technology is now vulnerable.

This just isn't working, Hollywood. Give it up.

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