Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Two scoops of Murder!!! -- part of a balanced breakfast

Well, killing at least.

You see, we have mice. And not the pet kind. And while we bought the humane traps, I'm left with a dilemma. The mouse can be released to the wild, thereby learning that he can get a meal left out for him at our place. Or he can be killed, which will if nothing else mean one less vermin in our house.

Better yet, the collective effect of killing mice is hoped to have a deterrent effect -- with luck, the mouse community will see our house as a kind of black hole, or maybe Guantanamo.

(Yes, I'm endorsing an argument about mice that I don't endorse about humans. Your point?)

So to me, the choice would be clear even if I didn't detest mice. Which I do. If you sell me a humane trap, you're selling me a bug, not a feature. I want these bastards dead.

Me: The Dick Cheney to the Global War on Mice.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet if they had white coats & soft brown eyes you would have a different view.Maybe if they grew up into dipper voters you would spare them.Killing Gods little creatures will upset natures balance,but it is undersatndable because we on the left understand that the end justifys the means.

Vicki said...

They could be purple and sing me Christmas carols: but it doesn't change the fact that they've been pooping on my keyboard.


Flocons said...

This is nature's way. If I when into a bear cave and starting to eat their food and pooping and their stuff, you can surely bet that the bear would do it's best to kill me too.

PS: I love the cereal reference... even if this is a post about mouse poop.