Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tell me you're not still using IE

Brian Krebs at the Washington Post has a funny post: After looking at the number of security holes in IE and Firefox, combined with the number of days it took to patch them, Krebs has the total number of days for which each browser was "insecure".

Internet Explorer: 284 days, or just over nine months.

Firefox: Nine days.

Download Firefox here.


Mike said...

No IE unless forced to at work (big dumb IT guys).

Firefox all the way.

Closet Liberal said...

As a big dumb IT guy I would love to switch us over to Firefox. But we have too many apps (Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, etc.) that only work in IE. Then you have to use the IE tab plugin which defeats the whole point.

Technetium said...

Thanks for the link. This should help me win a few more converts =)

crizette said...

No IE except for those sites made for IE browsers only. I don't really understand why they do applications or websites that only works in IE. Firefox is actually better than Internet Explorer in so many ways.