Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sony: Doomed.

Sorry, but if this is true, Sony is insane:
German Heise has interviewed Joone the founder of Digital Playgrounds at the AVN 2007 show in Las Vegas. Joone says actually said last year he is committed to Blu-ray. Now they announced four HD DVD titles in the United States. In the interview Joone says he was forced to use HD DVD, because no Blu-ray disc manufacturer would make his discs, because Sony was against it and they would loose their license.
If Sony is making no-porn a condition of getting a Blu-Ray license, they're going to die on the market. This is so bizarre, it really beggars the mind. That's why I keep using the word "if". I really can't understand why you would do this. It'd be like if Apple announced none of it's computers would access Internet porn.

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