Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oh jeebus somebody smack him

Compassionate conservatism at its best, via Spencer Ackerman:
One of McCain's aides tells me that two years ago, campaigning with McCain, George W. Bush asked him if the senator would like to work out with him. Told that McCain did not, could not, really "work out," Bush replied, "What do you mean?"
For the record: John McCain was tortured severely by the North Vietnamese during his imprisonment. His range of motion in his arms and legs is extremely limited -- something an observer can immediately see in his Daily Show appearances! -- and this makes things like push-ups or bench presses extremely difficult.

George W. Bush: Stupider, crueler, and more oblivious than you think, even when you already assume he's stupider, crueler, and more oblivious than you think.

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