Monday, January 08, 2007

Journalism Cliché watch

Olaf says:
Third: If you think any news sources is completely bias-free, you've got another thing coming.
True, which is why most of the journalists I've ever spoken with (and it's the family business, I've spoken with more than a few) don't use the word bias to discuss their professional conduct. They prefer "objectivity". It may sound like semantics, but it's possible for a journalist to concede that (as a human with an intact brain) they are indeed biased. Nevertheless, it's also possible for them to remain objective.

Another way to put it would be to say it's possible to be biased without being unfair or reporting untruths. If the Tories screw up and have a bad news day, it's not because the media hates them, it's because the government having a bad news day is what the media is supposed to cover. This remains true even if the media does, in fact, hate them.

As for the specifics of Liberal bloggers screaming about Pierre Bourque (who?) he seems to be Canada's answer to Matt Drudge, so I hereby intend to give one the amount of attention I pay to the other. Guess how much?

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