Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Iggy being sidelined?

Me likee... I'm not sure, but reading this from CTV, it looks like Dion is giving Ignatieff as low-profile a role in the new caucus as he can manage. Maybe I'm misreading things, but "Chair of a caucus committee on foreign policy" doesn't sound like Iggy will be getting a lot of microphone time, especially when Bill Graham will remain foreign policy critic in the front bench.

The funny thing is that, if you were willing to basically "forget" everything Ignatieff wrote after, oh, late 2001 or so, he'd be a perfect pick for Justice critic.

That is officially the nicest thing I'll ever say about Michael Ignatieff. Take note.

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wilson61 said...

Know anything about this?:

''There are rumblings about the possibility of a Global Environmental Accord, the brainchild of Prime Minister Stephen Harper being developed in the coming weeks in Vancouver British Columbia
...Federal New Democrat leader Jack Layton is rumoured to be a Co-Chair of the Conference which may ultimately lead to a Global Accord on environmental sustainability and real solutions to the problem of global warming.
(scroll to bottom section)