Thursday, January 04, 2007

Haw friggin haw

You may remember -- or not -- a while back the Associated Press reported that 6 people were burned alive outside a mosque while the Iraqi Army sat by and watched. This would just be one punctuation of the general grotesquerie that is Iraq, except that the right-wing bloggers seized on this report, and specifically a source they claimed didn't exist named "Jamil Hussein", as an attempt to discredit the report (and reinforce the myth of the left-wing defeatist media.)

In one sense of course, it was always meaningless. It's not like you can fake the society-wide violence and destruction, even with the occasional planted story.

In any case, the Interior Ministry of Iraq today confirmed that yes, Jamil Hussein exists, and yes, he's an Iraqi soldier. And having been identified, he's now likely to be arrested and tried. Good work, right wingers!

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