Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Debate topic

Would Canadians be more concerned about climate change and global warming if they understood the likely results include much greater snowfall during the winter?

In other news, guess what I spent an hour doing today?


Olaf said...


In other news, guess what I spent an hour doing today?

Was this the kind of rhetorical question that I should be able to figure out from the preceding paragraph? Because if it is, I don't get it. Unless it was shovelling snow.

john said...

Got it in one.

Gar W. Lipow said...

This may be why some people are adapting the term "climate chaos".

Amory Lovins uses "Global Weirding"

john said...

"Global weirding". I like that.

Also, I deleted the duplicate comment. Unless, of course, you meant to post it twice for emphasis. In which case I've just oppressed you.

adam said...

I have a sneaking suspicion that Canadians are secretly in favor of "Global Warming" because they think it's a ticket to milder winters, even though it's meant getting cold rain for half the season, and then -20 every day for the second half.

Maybe I'll start using Global Weirding instead.

In related news, there's a climate change thing going on here in March, and both David Suzuki and Al Gore will be there. So I give an unseemly squeal of delight and buy a ticket.