Monday, January 29, 2007

Death Cults

The chaos and violence in Iraq is so bad, it's literally apocalyptic -- Shias are bombing their own temples in an attempt to bring back the Hidden Imam. Via Ackerman, who writes:
Somehow I don't think this will come up in Admiral Fallon's nomination hearing tomorrow. We don't need Petraeus in Iraq, we need Buffy the motherfucking Vampire Slayer.
Somehow, I don't think even she'd be up for it.


Chester N. Scoville said...

Hell, she'd know better than to get into it.

Olaf said...


The only reason you're against the Iraq war is because George W. Bush proposed it. Admit it: you hate Bush, and as a result are against his usually well thought out and well implemented invasion plans.

Let me guess, if he goes into Iran you'll be against that too - you're so predictable.

john said...

Actually, I was opposing actions against Iraq during the Clinton administration, too. I did, however, support Kosovo, which I've come to regret somewhat in the interim.