Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bush is going to get Canadians killed

Scott said it first, but it deserves repeating: The surge of US troops to Iraq is going to expose Canadian soldiers to even more risk at a time when the insurgents in Afghanistan are gearing up for a major mobilization.

But heaven forbid we actually object to US foreign policy. That just makes us crazy lefties and knee-jerk anti-Americans, right Tories?

Why do Tories want more dead Canadians?


Paul Vincent said...

Nice strawman

Andrew said...

"Why do Tories want more dead Canadians?"

Wow - that was about the most intensely stupid thing I've read in a while. Not only is it a strawman, it's just downright pathetic reasoning.

Mike said...


Not at all. Because of the 'surge', the US forces are 'cutting and running' from Afghanistan, specifically from the area around Kandahar at a time when the Taliban is showing all the signs of an imminent offensive.

So with less troops to rely on for assistance, Canada must shoulder more of the combat duty in the Kandahar region. Meaning our troops are in greater danger and are likely take more casualties.

Yet there is not a word or breathe of criticism or complaint form our government on this. Silence.

So, in an echo of the "Support the Troops" tripe or the 'Taliban Jack', lefties support the Taliban crap, John asks the provocative question 'Why do Tories want more dead Canadians?'

Provocative, and a taste of your own medicine, but not a strawman.

So any of you guys care to actually defend the Bush policy that puts our troops in more danger?

Andrew said...


"Provocative, and a taste of your own medicine, but not a strawman."

Uhm - I call bullshit. Find me a Tory who wants more dead Canadians, and then we'll talk, okay?

You know my posiiton on Iraq: idiotic and unjustified misadventure. You also know my position on troops: I deeply respect and honour the job they do.

Does it suck that the US will be throwing more of their troops into Iraq, leaving less for Afghanistan? Sure it does. Does it mean that Tories - even those that support the Iraq war - want to see more dead Canadians? Hell no - that's inane and offensive.

Mike said...



Do NDP supporters who wish to withdraw from Afghanistan want the Taliban to win? Of course not, but all the 'Taliban Jack' cracks and the calls for traitor from the pro-war Tories suggest this all the time. I get it all the time and I actually support the mission n Afghanistan (though it needs some serious changes).

Think of this as John's little biting parody on the "Why do you hate America' meme.

I'm sure John can answer for himself, but that's how I read it.

john said...

Mike got my point exactly right -- this is exactly the same reasoning that has been used against the NDP all year, and if you don't like it slung back at you then maybe Tories will be more careful from here on out?

I'm happy to concede that my post was intemperate and even poorly thought. That's actually the point -- disagreements over national security policy shouldn't be used for one side to play "more patriotic than thou."

Do you get it yet?

Technetium said...

Eek. Very surprised to see that last sentance. What does this show except that you are no better than those bloggers you obviously despise?

Those who believe in the "Taliban Jack" mentality are not going to be swayed by this post. The only thing it will do is possibly work up an anti-CPC ferver among die-hard NDPers (which may be your goal?) and repulse non-"Taliban Jack" Conservatives like myself.

To any reasonable person this only looses you credibility, IMHO =)