Monday, January 15, 2007


Bush on 60 Minutes last night:
PELLEY: Do you think you owe the Iraqi people an apology for not doing a better job?

BUSH: That we didn't do a better job or they didn't do a better job?
That Bush would even ask the question speaks volumes. Somewhere in his brain, he honestly thinks the Iraqis are to blame for the state of things. What a sadist.

This is the problem with all of the "yes, but"s I get whenever I state that America needs to leave Iraq, now. Inevitably, very well-meaning and thoughtful people write that there must be something we can do. There isn't. Why? Because barring impeachment, Bush will continue to be Commander-in-Chief until January 2009. He will continue to make the already-horrible in to the barely-imaginable because he doesn't exist in the same reality as the rest of us. In his world, the surge will work, the Generals are defeatists, and if the Iraqis would just behave everything would go smoothly.

Meanwhile, via Paul Wells, one of the co-authors of the escalation in Iraq is disavowing Bush's execution of it. Incompetence dodgers, activate!


adam said...

He's a liar, too.

Unless of course his brain just rewrites the past as he goes along, which wouldn't surprise me at all. Kind of a little internal MiniTrue.

[Jeez - Blogger needs to update its comment interface. Making me write out my tags by hand... What is this? 2005?]

adam said...


And displays his poor understanding of the dynamics of pots re. kettles