Monday, December 04, 2006

Try governing for once, you idiots

Stockwell Day hits a new low:
OTTAWA -- The Conservative government is axing a safe-tattoo program for federal prisoners despite concerns the move will increase the spread of AIDS and hepatitis C.
Oh well. Enough big government, giving handouts to prisoners!
Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day announced Monday that the government will not continue a pilot project that offered tattoos to inmates.
Oh. Well, even a pilot project probably costs billions, right, because the government is so inefficient?
The $600,000 project was aimed at reducing the spread of AIDS and hepatitis C by providing safe tattooing using clean needles.
Oh. Well, it's all probably a waste of money, because the danger is so small right?
Inmates are up to 10 times more likely to contract HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS, than the general Canadian population. Their likelihood of contracting hepatitis C is also about 30 times higher.
There are 124 Conservative MPs. They could each take a $5,000 pay cut, which would pose a lethal risk to... absolutely no one.

This is what is so maddening about the Tories cuts - not that they're so big, but that they're so small, as in petty. The cuts so far amount to chump change, but they're designed to target groups and movements that the Conservatives think they can get a free kick at - the poor, convicts, etc.

Here we have a perfect example - to save less than what your average Tory campaign contributor makes a year, Harper is willing to dramatically increase the danger that someone convicted of a crime - any crime, given the realities of prison - could contract a lethal disease. To save each Canadian less than a nickel a year, Harper would prefer someone dies. Nice to know what your life is worth in Harper's Canada.

Somebody should inform the Conservatives that Canada abolished the death penalty.

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