Friday, December 29, 2006

Sequentially-ordered cellulose rectangles

Probably light blogging for a bit - the demands of holidays continue, and I suddenly have about 6 books out from the library, including (finally!) Fiasco by Tom Ricks, so I'll be doing this thing called "reading" from these obsolete vessels called "books".

I've been reading a lot of histories of the Vietnam war lately, because it has absolutely no relevance today whatsoever. I'm in the middle of Dereliction of Duty, and it's fantastic. Let's just say that if you got a positive impression of Bob McNamara from watching Fog of War, you should really read this book.


bigcitylib said...

You've probably already read Dispatches. If you haven't, its excellent (author, whose name escapes me, did screenplay for Apocalypse Now)

john said...

Michael Herr is the author you're thinking of. I have it on my shelf, quietly mocking me for not reading it sooner.